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The Joy Of Crafts
Best graphics in this niche with highly converting sales letter to boot! Very hungry niche begging for products like this. We have everything you need to promote here:

The Ultimate Golden Retriever Guide
This complete guide covers adoption, training, grooming, nutrition, as well as bonus information, including first aid techniques and special doggy treat recipes for your Golden Retriever.

The Definitive Guide To Gardening - Audio eBook & eBook
Currently converting as high as 5%! 30 day autoresponder, with most people buying around day 9. 0.5% refund. 47% signup rate! Excellent product for affiliates to promote with poor & irrelevant competition on AdWords, & especially Yahoo & Msn Pay-Per-Click

The Truth About Pet Insurance - 45-Page eBook Plus 3 Free Bonuses
Finding solid information about pet insurance is like finding a needle in a haystack. In this new (2008) guide and accompanying bonuses, you will discover exactly how to get the best pet insurance for your dog, cat, rabbit, alpaca or iguana!

Great Kitchen Remodeling!
Earn 60% Commissions! Remodel your kitchen or investment property in 3 easy steps! Discover how to decide which components to remodel, how to hire a contractor and how to successfully oversee the whole kitchen remodeling process!

The Amazing Book of Roses
Get 50% commission--this E-Book will show you how, without spending a massive amount of money on useless tools, to grow beautiful roses.

The Layman's Guide to Whelping Puppies - From Conception to Sale
This eBook is a complete guide to canine pregnancy and birth explained in easy-to-understand language. Itis an ideal and unique product to promote on any dog related site. The intended target is 'dog lovers' rather than the 'breeding for profit' market.

The Art of Beekeeping: The Inside Guide
The most comprehensive "inside" guide to successfully maintaining a beehive and making a profit from it each and every season - for years and years. Absolutely guaranteed!!

The Dollar Stretcher Store
The Dollar Stretcher, helping others live better for less since 1996, presents a huge compilation of money-saving tips. Hundreds of readers' tips can save hundreds of dollars in home, auto, family, food, health & beauty, holiday & special occasions & more

All About Boxers - Complete Boxer Dog Ebook, Audio and Video Package
All About Boxer Dogs - a complete guide to caring for, maintaining and training your Boxer dog or puppy (puppies) which both current and prospective Boxer owners will love!

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Divorce, Education, Genealogy, Marriage, Parenting, Pregnancy & Childbirth, Special Needs

Abuse, Dating Guides, Eating Disorders, Marriage & Relationships, Motivational / Transformational, Personal Finance, Public Speaking, Self Defense, Self-Esteem, Stress Management, Success, Time Management

Africa, Asia, Canada, Caribbean, Europe, Latin America, Middle East, Specialty Travel, United States

Casino Table Games, Football, Horse Racing, Lottery, Poker, Soccer

Baking, BBQ, Cooking, Drinks & Beverages, Recipes, Regional & Intl., Special Diet, Special Occasions, Vegetables / Vegetarian, Wine Making

Cover Letter & Resume Guides, Job Listings, Job Search Guides, Job Skills / Training

Console Guides & Repairs, Strategy Guides

Animal Care & Pets, Crafts & Hobbies, Entertaining, Gardening & Horticulture, Homebuying, How-to & Home Improvements, Interior Design, Sewing, Weddings

Automotive, Catalogs & Directories, Consumer Guides, Education, Etiquette, Gay / Lesbian, Law & Legal Issues, The Sciences, Writing

Anti Adware / Spyware, Background Investigations, Communications, Dating, Developer Tools, Digital Photos, Drivers, Education, Email, Foreign Exchange Investing, Graphic Design, Hosting, Internet Tools, MP3 & Audio, Networking, Operating Systems, Other Investment Software, Personal Finance, Productivity, Registry Cleaners, Reverse Phone Lookup, Screensavers & Wallpaper, Security, System Optimization, Utilities, Video, Web Design,

Careers, Industries & Professions, Commodities, Debt, Derivatives, Economics, Equities & Stocks, Foreign Exchange, International Business, Management & Leadership, Marketing & Sales, Outsourcing, Personal Finance, Real Estate, Small Biz/Entrepreneurship

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House training is most likely every dog owner's top concern. And it should begin as soon as possible. That's the very first day your dog ...
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